Thursday, January 26, 2012

What entertainment does for us v.03 (do ->does)

Some people say entertainment is just a stress reliever, conversation starter, but they might just underestimated the utility of entertainment. I was one of them but now I know better.


Entertainment in subconscious level gave us hope, exposure to something new and creative, entertainment gave us the hope and desire to solve problems more and more.

Without fascination we would gave up hope, gave up the probability of adopting new point of views. Without fascination we would just rely on methods other gave to us, other people's solutions.

Entertainment gave us the desire to be free, as well as improving our likeliness to achieve so. By offering unique and interesting perspective in achieving goals, entertainers contributed sparks towards creating original administrations for their appreciators.

Entertainment sends message to us, that things that are accessible for us could amount to something significant. Not only significant but also compatible for others that also share the enjoyment of the entertainment, and that's important.

Having this message will make people less encouraged to be suspicious and hateful, but more likely to think that they could connect with each other... so rather than investing in fighting or destroying other people's solutions, through entertainment we are more likely to synchronize our solutions with each other.

This intellectual services worth something, and in my opinion deserve better place or respect from people especially parents.

The problem is, gratitude is essential for entertainment to work. If people are ungrateful about other people's contributions, if people were less able to appreciate the original position and original hope of others, then thats discouraging. Try our best to stop piracy, piracy is a form of ungratefulness.

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