Thursday, October 20, 2011

PaulMcKeever on Banking System

I found this video enlightening and probably many could relate to his way of explaining. This is my response to this video: "Thank you. I can see now how current value of money could be based on lies. I'd like to think money as prove that the holder has performed such degree of help and deserved to be helped back. The scarcity of the world is not of money, time, nor energy, but of mutual solutions... and providers of help are providers of solutions. So speculators of wallstreet... what help have they provided? 36:07 the future should work... 37:29 the solution..."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Proposing attitude

Problems can't be killed, the question is not how to eliminate problems, but whether or not we'd be ready with the solutions.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Richard Seymour's TED Presentation

After watching the presentation
I think that attraction is all about set of solutions that left little to no unresolved problems... or problems with no solutions.

Someone is not attractive, if he/she expressed that there is unresolved problem.
Someone is attractive if he/she expressed that he/she already had solutions for problems in his/her life, that would left little to no unresolved problems after.

The sense of attraction is important for human beings. It enables us to support somebody. By lying about your attraction, by making as if your set of solutions left no unresolved problems while actually it still would left some unresolved problems. You'd attract support that's not safe for you to have.

Monday, October 10, 2011

About Inflation

Check out this website
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In terms of inflation, does it or does it not support the growth of the economy. We could check it out in this paper from back in 1997

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Please change this culture

Nowadays people watch too much tv and movies, they generalize too many things. I'm one of them... we must change this. I want to talk about generalizing people's expressions.

People who became entertainers probably had smiley expression when they are thinking or when things are normal. And a littley laughy expression when they are a little bit happy.
But not all freakin people are like that... I have pouty face when normal, doesn't mean that I'm angry or upset. When I made a little smiley face it means that I'm happy... why do I have to lie to myself just because people are being ignorant, just because ignorant people are not happy?

The solution is not to force me to be smiley but to educate themselves...

How to measure Wealth

This is Joseph Stiglitz's idea on Fora Tv

This is my thinking, that its help that matters, the availability to solutions that matters.

People could make a program with databases, so that you could put in and out groups of people to measure GNP more objectively... what would the figure be like if you put out rich people from the equation, how much solutions is it that non rich people have made in the economy? how much income is it that's allocated to rich people, and how much is it that's allocated to non-rich people.