Friday, January 13, 2012

My Speculation about Fat Loss v.03

Ok this is just my unproven theory. I call this the Broken Heart Diet. So what you do when you want to loose fat is to declare war against your muscle. For women, imagine your muscle is an ungrateful boyfriend, who keeps on getting what he wants from you but kept on keeping away everything from you, exploited you, lying, and is killing you slowly. And when you have internalize the idea, you attack the ungrateful enemy. What you do is like what most women I see on tv do, that is to taunt and flaunt the guy but then didn't gave him anything. Put delicious food in your mouth and then throw it back out again. This is not bulimic because you don't swallow it, just throw it away after you chew it. Buy cheap ones, like pig skins/chicken skins crackers so you won't waste too much money. But eat just enough food first, like an apple or two. Enjoy the hunger, hunger is like your boyfriend trying to seduce you with sweet words... but these are all lies. As a strong person you should not fall to it, remember this is a war. In the end, your boyfriend (muscles) will become frustrated because it has prepared to accept all of the fun from you, but didn't get it. What it will do next, since its such a spoiled brat who always have to get what it wants when it wants it, is to consume your fat. Yes because you didn't gave it any, it has to consume something else... fat is all of the stuff it took from you and kept it to itself. Exercise, your lazy boyfriend don't want to work again? Screw it and force him out... go run up and down the stairs or around the block... MAKE IT WORK.

Update (Jan 2013),
You should make your lean muscles stronger by eating a lot of food. Lean muscles do your metabolism. Not just an apple or two, many foods, like vegetables and stuff, but reduce calories. Eat often, but eat healthy, don't eat grease and sugar. Be circumcized in your eating. Starve that greedy muscles from easy calories. YEAH!

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